Friday, March 19, 2010

Ok I'm really back now! No kidding I really am!

So life once again has interfered with my blogging. I am going to blog more which is one of my new year's resolutions. Remember those? The ones you make that sound really good but you can't seem to stick to it. Well I'm sticking by this one which brings me to what I've been doing lately in addition to my already baby care packed schedule not to mention dealing with No. 1 son who has autism. Sometimes I feel like I'm going 90 miles an hour with my hair on fire. Whew didn't know having two wonderful children would be so much work. Well sorry I don't have any pictures yet I've got to get them in the computer and uploaded first. Guess what? I've been learning how to crochet. Awesome! I am so excited and been doing a lot of it here lately. Of course still tatting but right now I'm learning crochet which is a whole lot of fun. I'll be posting some pictures soon of my wips (works in progress) as well as some finished items along with tatting. Tatting is my first craft love. So I have a few tatted items too. Learning to crochet was one of my other resolutions. I heard on one of the podcasts I listen too a suggestion to make at least one resolution that is fun and you'll actually do. Never thought of it that way. So more later stay tuned.


~~Christina said...

Hi, I stumbled across your picture of the Christmas ornament and wanted to tell you how beautiful I think it is. I've just started tatting (long-time crocheter) and it's really nice to see such wonderful use of the art. (Just because something can be tatted doesn't mean it should be.) Good luck with the crocheting!